1          Introduction


1.1       This Privacy Policy describes how CHIRON YENG COACHING SERVICES (Registration No. 202103008563 (MA0261332-K)), a business registered in Malaysia, (the “Business”), processes, collects, uses, shares and protects your personal data in connection with the Business’s services or website or other platform. This Privacy Policy applies to both the “online” (e.g., web and mobile services) and “offline” (e.g., collection of data through telephone or in person) activities owned, operated, provided or made available by the Business.


1.2       This Privacy Policy specifically addresses the Business’s obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 of Malaysia (“PDPA”) to the Business’s clients and any users of the Business’s website or other platform, features or other services, so far as applicable, practicable and consistent pursuant to such legislation.


1.3       Notwithstanding anything herein stated, this Privacy Policy will apply so far as practicable and consistent with the PDPA.


2          Collection, Processing and Other Usage of Personal Data


2.1       “Personal Data” means information about you or which identifies you, whether such information directly or indirectly relates to you, which you have provided to the Business (or any representative of the Business) or have allowed to be obtained by the Business (or any representative of the Business), including, without limitation, your name, address, nationality, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, NRIC number, email address, telephone number, bank details, credit card details, gender, condition of your physical or mental health, religious beliefs or beliefs of a similar nature, your occupation, any proof of identity or information which may identify you, your partner, spouse or family member(s), that has been or may be collected, stored, used and processed by the Business from time to time.


2.2       In addition to the Personal Data you provide to the Business directly (for example, during your communications with Chiron Yeng or the Business and/or when you engage the Business for the Business’s services), the Business may also collect your Personal Data from a variety of sources, including, without limitation, from the cookies or other browsing data collected via the Business’s website.


2.3       The provision of your Personal Data is voluntary. However, if Personal Data is not supplied, or is not satisfactory to us, the Business may not be able to (a) communicate with you, (b) provide you with the services you require, (c) fulfil our contractual obligations with you, or (d) provide you with access to certain sections of the Business’s website.


2.4       If you are under the age of 18 years old, you agree, represent and warrant that (a) your parent, guardian, or person with parental responsibility over you has fully read and agreed to the terms of this Privacy Policy, and (b) the full and legal consent of your parent, guardian, or person with parental responsibility over you has been obtained for the processing, collection, use and sharing of your Personal Data by the Business, as provided under this Privacy Policy.


  1. Purposes of Processing

3.1       The Business may use and process your Personal Data for purposes relating to its business which shall include, without limitation, the following (“Purposes”):


  • to process, manage, verify and complete transactions with you;
  • to fulfil our contractual obligations;
  • to provide our coaching services to you, including, without limitation, astrology readings, creative empowerment coaching, The LifeLine Technique and/or the HeartQuest program;
  • to allow you to browse and use the services offered on the Business’s website or other platform, features or other services, regardless of whether or not you are a registered user on the same;
  • to use cookies to enhance our processes, advertising, notifications, authentication, security and compliance, analytics and preference management;
  • to communicate with you, including, without limitation, to provide response(s) to you (which may be automated) and to provide you with assistance in relation to our services;
  • to process your Personal Data for internal market research purposes, or to involve you in other commercial or promotional campaigns, or to send you newsletters relating to any products or services offered by us;
  • to analyze and improve our services, or to guarantee the quality of our services;
  • to respond to your requests, complaints, or other communications;
  • to communicate with you for any of the purposes listed in this Privacy Policy;
  • for management and control of our internal activities, including, without limitation, administrative purposes, such as auditing, data analysis, and database records;
  • to comply with any contractual, regulatory, statutory or legal obligation imposed on us by any relevant authority including accounting and tax obligations, and product warranties, including, without limitation, managing insurance risk;
  • to manage the loss and/or destruction of data, or unauthorized use of or access to data; and
  • to exercise our right to take legal action or furnish evidence or other information in relation to any legal matter,

and you agree and consent to the Business using, storing, transferring and otherwise processing your Personal Data for the Purposes and in the manner as identified in this Privacy Policy. If you do not consent to the Business processing your Personal Data for the purposes listed in this Clause 3, please notify the Business using the contact details provided in Clause 5 below.


3.2       Please note that if you communicate your withdrawal of your consent to our use, disclosure or processing of your Personal Data for the purposes and in the manner as stated above, or request the deletion or anonymity of Personal Data, we may not be in a position to continue to provide our services to you or perform on any contract we have with you, and we will not be liable in the event that we do not continue to provide the services to, or perform our contract with you.


  1. Storage and Retention of Personal Data

4.1       The Business may engage other service providers to perform functions on its behalf, in Malaysia or in any other country, and consequently may provide access or disclosure to your Personal Data to the third parties such as those listed below (this list is not exhaustive), who may store, use, collect, share and/or otherwise process your Personal Data:


(a)     external professional advisors and auditors, including, without limitation, banks, credit institutions, lenders, operators of centralized information systems, insurance companies and consultants; and/or

(b)     governmental departments and authorities.


4.2       The Business stores your Personal Data either in hard copies in our Business’s devices or in servers located in Malaysia or outside Malaysia. It may be necessary to transfer your Personal Data to third-party service providers based or located, partly or wholly, outside Malaysia. By continuing usage of the Business’s website or services, or without any notice by you to prevent such transfers, you hereby consent to such transfer.


4.3       The Business will retain any Personal Data supplied by you as long as necessary for the fulfilment of the Purposes stated in Clause 3 above or as is required to satisfy legal, regulatory, or accounting requirements or to protect our interests.


4.4       The Business is not responsible or liable for the collection, use, maintenance, sharing, disclosure, or other processing of Personal Data and information by any third-party through your engagement of the Business, usage of the Business’s websites or other platform, or services, and you acknowledge that such data and information are controlled by the third-party in accordance with that third-party’s privacy policy, and you will fully indemnify the Business in respect of any claim arising from the same.


4.5       Save and except as provided in Clause 5 below, we do not offer any online facilities for you to amend or remove your Personal Data held by us.


  1. Access & Correction Requests and Inquiries

5.1       Subject to any exceptions under the PDPA, you may at any time hereafter request for access to, or for correction or rectification of your Personal Data or limit the processing of your Personal Data, or seek further information from the Business by contacting:



(Registration No. 202103008563 (MA0261332-K))



Chiron Yeng



11, Legenda Puteri 1, Jalan PJU1A/57B, Damansara Legenda, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor








5.2       Any individual who intends to exercise the abovementioned rights shall make a written request to the Business. The Business shall, subject to exemptions, comply with the request and/or take reasonable steps not later than twenty-one (21) business days from the date of receipt of such request.


5.3       In respect of your right to access and/or correct your Personal Data, the Business has the right to refuse the requests to access and/or make any correction to your Personal Data for the reasons permitted under law, such as where the expense of providing access to you is disproportionate to the risks to your privacy.


  1. Data Security and Integrity

6.1       The security, integrity and confidentiality of your Personal Data is of the highest importance to the Business. Once any Personal Data comes into our possession, we will take reasonable steps to protect that information from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.


6.2       However, please be informed that despite the fact that the Business endeavours to use the most up-to-date technology and methods as commercially viable to protect your Personal Data, no security measures or encryption protocols, no matter how stringent, are perfect or impenetrable.


  1. Disclaimers

7.1       The Business may update this Privacy Policy from time to time and you should read it carefully each time you use the Business’s website or other platform or services, or when you engage with the Business by any other means. By continuing to access or use the Business’s website or other platform or services when such changes are made, or by engaging with the Business by any other means, you agree to the revised Privacy Policy.


 as at 18 June 2024